Honest to Goodness

Eighteen Twenty Brewing Co. is Maine’s premier non-alcoholic beverage line. We focus on bringing everything you love from a craft beer but never compromising on flavor or process.

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1820 Brewing Non-ALC Variety Pack Summer Sale.

Uncompromisingly Great Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer!

Contains less than 0.5% alcohol

Brewed and canned in Portland, Maine

Five refreshing flavors for any occasion

Brewery powered by 100% wind RECs

A feel good choice, crafted for you.

If you want to make a good beer the right way, there’s no room for shortcuts. Our brews are authentic to the beverage and never compromise on flavor.

Our Story
  • Intentional.

    We at Eighteen Twenty Brewing Co. take the authentic approach to everything we do. From our process to our product, we never take shortcuts or sacrifice on quality.

  • Conscious.

    From either a personal or communal perspective, we are conscious to our core. From healthier lifestyle choices to sustainability, we strive to make a positive impact on our world.

  • Trailblazers.

    We are on the forefront of a new and fruitful market. Our knowledge and deep history in the craft beer market lends us insights and experience that can only come with time.

Crafted from fresh ingredients.

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Committed to Sustainability

A few of our efforts include donating all spent grain for feed and fertilizer, using 100% wind Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to power our brewery, and being a founding member of the Maine Brewshed Alliance whose mission is to protect Maine's clean water sources.