Non-Alcoholic Sustainable Beer

Our efforts to increase sustainability include donating all spent grain for feed and fertilizer, using 100% wind renewable energy credits (RECs) to power our brewery, and being a founding member of the Maine Brewshed Alliance, whose mission is to protect Maine's clean water sources. The #1 ingredient in beer is water — we source ours from pristine Sebago Lake, a natural resource we are passionate about protecting.


Our Sustainability Efforts

Clouds spelling out CO2

Reduced CO2 Footprint

In order to reduce our usage of CO2, we have switched to nitrogen for numerous standard brewery operations. This includes gas supplies to kegging, canning, and bottling machines, as well as activities such as tank or keg purging or adding blanketing gas to UVs and brite tanks. This conservation step has already reduced our reliance on CO2 by approximately 30%.

Grain in a field

Spent Grain

After the grain has played its part in the brewing process, it's removed from the mash and placed in bags. We then donate bags of spent grains to Harrison Farm in Arundel, ME, for use as feed and fertilizer in their fields. When our brewing picks up in the summer months, they come to pick up multiple times a week. This relationship benefits us, the farm, and the environment!

Shoveling compost

Recycling & Compost

We compost our natural waste from the brewing process, biodegradable paper products, and other natural materials. A local company, Garbage to Garden, comes by and picks up our bins for compost fertilizer use around the area.

Renewable Energy

Water is one of the most critical elements of making great non-alcoholic beer. Here at 1820 Brewing Company, we conserve water as well as energy throughout many stages of the brewing process.

Windmills in open field with mountains in the backdrop

Wind RECs

Recently, we switched to 100% wind power! We're using Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates that allow us to source wind power from off-site turbines. Using renewable resources is just one of many ways 1820 Brewing Co. is becoming more sustainable!

Fun Fact: Wind power is a massively viable opportunity for energy production in Maine. Currently, it accounts for 21.06% of all electricity production in Maine!